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            Technical and formulated pesticides
            Relative formulating assistants
            Pharmaceutical raw materials
            Veterinary medicine & feed additives
            Food Additives
            Other chemicals

          2016 AgriBusiness Trade Summit – :

          We are pleased to announce that we will attend the "2016 AgriBusiness Trade Summit – " at , USA during August 17-19. Welcome to visit booth.
          We sincerely invite all clients and friends to meet with us there and have discussion for future cooperation.

          From 2009 we restarted production of METHAMIDOPHOS in mother company CHIA YI CHE 明升备用网址 in Taiwan which has 40 year experience in agrochemicals. We can provide to clients constant and high quality products with competitive price.

          WHO WE ARE:
          Golden Ha 明升备用网址. was incorporated in the year 1993 as the first enterprise in China mainland invested by CHIA YI CHE 明升备用网址 from Taiwan. Since then, backed by highly experienced Management Team of Professional Technocrats, it has progressed as most trusted manufacturer / supplier / exporter......
          Golden Harvest, y better choice!








          Add: Rm.10C,Top Boss Bldg., 159 Handan Rd.,Shanghai, P.R. China

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